9- Universal Recognition of God’s Kingdom on Israel and the World

The Rosh Hashanah Mizmor 

Mizmor 47, its Context with 46-48 and the 1st Korach collection (K1)

What are the unique messages of mizmor 47? (And how to understand its role for Rosh Hashana immediately prior to the blowing of the Shofar)?

Mizmor 47 is part of the first Korach collection K1 (42-49). The internal narrative of this group of mizmorim presents the nostalgia to Zion, mourning its destruction and hope for the future vision when all nations will recognize God in Jerusalem. The text, context and intertext of mizmor 47 are presented (and compared to the themes of Rosh Hashana).

Comparison of the two Korach collections, K1 (42-49) and K2 (84-88), will be briefly presented but will be elaborated later on during the series.

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