24- 176 Verses?? How to Identify the Narrative of the Longest Mizmor in Tehillim?

Mizmor 119: Structure, Meaning and Context

This long Mizmor praises the Torah in an 8-fold alphabetic order which seems to be very repetitive and monotonous. Is there a structure and a message or is this just a long collection of verses with the same ideas? And why is it placed between the Egyptian Hallel and the Shirei Hamaalot collection?

Contextual interpretation, as has been shown through the course, will be applied to identify the story and messages of this mizmor, comprised of  22 units each composed of 8 verses. In addition, contextual interpretation will show how well positioned Mizmor 119 is between the adjacent Egyptian Hallel (113-118) and the Shirei Hamaalot (120-135) and how it correlates with the beginning and end of the entire book of Tehillim.

Please enjoy a bonus shiur - The Personal Growth of Torah Study in Sefer Tehillim 

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