23- The Exodus From Egypt: Relevance for All Time

Mizmorim 113-118 (The Egyptian Hallel)

Why is this entire group of 6  Mizmorim referred to as the Egyptian Hallel even though the Exodus is only mentioned in Mizmor 114? What is the role of Mizmor 114 in the story of Mizmorim 113-118 which focus on Hallel (praise) and Hodaah (thanks)?

 The Exodus from Egypt is presented in Mizmor 114 as if the poet was actually present at this historic event. The other mizmorim in the unit highlight various aspects of the Exodus and subsequent journey, ending with the entry to the Temple in Yerushalayim (118).

 At the Pesach Seder, the Egyptian Hallel in the Haggadah serves as a basic Biblical text that tells the Exodus from Egypt in two parts; 113-114 before the meal and 115-118 after the meal. Insights into the narrative of the Egyptian Hallel according to the Contextual Interpretation explain the logic and the meaning of its division during the Seder.

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