22- God and the Righteous: Two-Way Communication

God and the Righteous: Two-Way Communication

What can we learn from the special structure and contents of the adjacent Mizmorim 111 and 112? How can these be compared to other mizmorim in Tehillim?    

Mizmorim 111 and 112 are arranged in the same manner and appear to have a similar message, and therefore, they are considered to be “twin” mizmorim. While Mizmor 111 praises God’s manifestation in the world, Mizmor 112 describes the qualities of the Zadik who walks in His ways (“imitatio Dei”). These two mizmorim demonstrate that God and the Zadik function as twins.

Contextual interpretation will be used to compare the twin chapters 111-112 to Mizmor 1 and to Mizmor 119, which are all similarly structured. This comparison reflects a fascinating spiritual, religious and psychological journey.

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