20- Thesis (105) - Antithesis (106) – Synthesis (107): Historical Responsibility

Mizmorim 105-107

What can we learn from the connection between 2 historical overviews (105-106) and giving thanks for salvation (107)? What does this relationship, which is also the bridge between Books IV and V, come to teach us?

Mizmorim 105-106, which close Book IV, present 2 historical reviews. Mizmor 105, the thesis, contains God’s blessed leadership for the people. Mizmor 106, the antithesis, focuses on the people’s disobedience which results in the Exile and their prayer to return to Zion at the end of Book IV. Mizmor 107, the synthesis which opens Book V, is filled with thanks by 4 groups of people saved from difficult situations and their return from the Exile after they called upon God. Contextual interpretation will explore the interface between the mizmorim at the end of Book IV and the beginning of Book V which request for and begin to describe the realization of the dream of redemption and revival in Eretz Yisrael. With these insights at the end of the chapter, Mizmor 107 serves as a meaningful opening for Book V, which will be discussed in the next lecture.

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