18- Paving the Way to God’s Kingdom over Israel and the Nations

Mizmorim 95-100: The Second Unit of Book IV

How does God’s sovereignty affect the Jews, all the peoples of the world and their relationships? Will there be changes in the world order?

Mizmor 95 is a song of praise and warning. Mizmorim 96-99 serve as the internal axis for Book IV , while 96-97 primarily address the nations and 98-99, Am Yisrael. Mizmor 100 expresses thanks to God in the past and future. Contextual interpretation of the unit will show the progression of God’s kingdom in the world as part of the rehabilitation of Israel from the terrors of the exile. In the closing Mizmor (100), all nations will join Am Yisrael in accepting Hashem’s Kingdom and eventually thanking and praising Hashem for being together with Am Yisrael in the Temple. Contextual interpretation also sheds a fascinating light on the inclusion of Mizmorim 95-99 together with Mizmorim 92-93 by the Kabbalists in the weekly Kabbalat Shabbat prayers.

Tehilim 929 #18 handout as PowerPoint

Tehilim 929 #18 handout as PDF

Instructions for folding this Special Shabbat Handout

1) Fold mizmor 100 backwards so you can't see it. Then, fold the part with אנא בכח forwards so it covers and touches mizmor 29. Done correctly, you should be able to see mizmor 100 right under mizmorim 97 and 99,withour seeing אנא בכח and mizmor 29

2) Simply fold the section with mizmor 100 backwards, so you don't see it

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