17- God’s Creation Restored: Reflections on Good and Evil, the Righteous and the Wicked, Success and Failure

Mizmor 92: The Shabbat Mizmor and the First Unit of Book IV as a response to Mizmor 89

It is obvious from the header of this Mizmor, why it was chosen as the song of the day for Shabbat. But how does its content fit into the overall narrative and messages of Book IV?

Mizmor 92 has an outstanding poetic structure, rich contextual and intertextual connections which contribute substantially to its messages. Mizmor 92 informs us of the rehabilitation of the generation who returns from the exile. Mizmorim 90-94, starting off with Moshe’s prayer (Mizmor 90), is a literary unit that provides a response to Mizmor 89. Contextual interpretation aids in developing the story of Book IV.

Tehilim 929 #17 handout as PDF

Tehilim 929 #17 handout as PowerPoint

Instructions for folding this Special Shabbat Handout

1) Fold mizmor 100 backwards so you can't see it. Then, fold the part with אנא בכח forwards so it covers and touches mizmor 29. Done correctly, you should be able to see mizmor 100 right under mizmorim 97 and 99,withour seeing אנא בכח and mizmor 29

2) Simply fold the section with mizmor 100 backwards, so you don't see it

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