15- Hitting Rock Bottom; the Only Way to Go is Up

2nd Bnei Korach Collection K2 (84-85, 87-88) and Mizmor 89

How are the Korach collections in Book II (42-49) and Book III (84-85; 87-88) connected to each other and what is their overall structure and message? What can we learn from their placement adjacent to mizmor 89, which concludes Book III of Tehillim?

The 1st Bnei Korach collection K1 (42-49) precedes and sets the stage for the 2nd David collection (51-72), which closes the Kingdom of David at the end of Book II. The 2nd Bnei Korach collection K2 (84-85; 87-88) in Book III repeats the nostalgic hope, concepts and messages for the Temple expressed in the K1 collection; the striking similarities between K1 and K2 also introduce new aspects for the post-David era. Mizmor 89 at the very end of Book III is not only a dramatic closing of King David’s era but also serves as the foundation for the new chapter of the return to Zion and the building of the 2nd Temple in Books IV and IV. The crisis at the end of Book III prepares the new historical chapter of returning from the diaspora to Zion. 

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