The prayer of Moses during crisis, the rehabilitation of Israel in the Diaspora; Acceptance of the Kingdom of the God of nations in the psalms of “God is King” (Ps 93, 97, 99), the return of the Kingdom of David and the rebuilding of Jerusalem (Ps 101, 102) with a prayer for the return to Zion (Ps 106, 47).

The Torah of Moshe as part of the building of Jerusalem – the righteous flourishes like the palm tree (Ps 92, 13). The return of Zion from all over the world with the acceptance of the Kingdom of God by all the nations of the world.


The return to Zion and the restoration of the kingdom of the House of David (Ps 108-110, 138-145) with songs of praise and thanksgiving (the Egyptian Hallel, the Great Hallel); David praises God and invites the whole world to praise God together with him in rebuilt Jerusalem (Ps 145-150).

Jerusalem is rebuilt from scratch, David returns to her with the Torah and harp (Ps 108, 3). His praise is heard all over the world – ‘Each soul will praise God, Hallelu-yah’.

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